Saturday, 19 April 2014

ADF Mobile - Create a new Master Detail record

Suppose you have a WSDL/REST service which has a master detail kind of structure and you want to insert a new record. i.e., say, you have Dept-Emp master detail relationship and you want to insert a new department along with an employee in that department. This post helps you with such a scenario.
Use JDev with Mobile support. Have a WSDL/REST Service URL which results in master-detail DC strucutre. I have attached a sample service which is used in this example. However, I have developed the service in So, you will need to run the service in the same build to get the WSDL URL and then use the URL in
Assume you have a Data Control with the structure as below:

Here, the department and employee have a master detail like relationship. To insert a new department and an employee into that department, we follow the below steps. D&D arg0 as an ADF Mobile Form.

Click Ok on the resulting Form dialog.  Similarly, D&D employeeList1 as form.

Next, D&D createNewRecord(Object) method as button.

In the Edit Action Binding, ensure the value under parameters is pointing to parameter iterator.

Deploy to emulator/device.

DB snaphot - Before Insertion

App snapshot:

After clicking createNewRecord, DB structure:

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